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swiftstylerX's News

Posted by swiftstylerX - January 19th, 2009

Posted by swiftstylerX - October 26th, 2008

JonBro is a mouse... and I am a frog.

I too, also perhaps have a confession, which may not be real, to make.

Posted by swiftstylerX - October 1st, 2008

I was just thinking about all of my ideas. All of the flashes I never finished. Everything I had dreamed to make, and never did.

Well, screw that.

From this point on, I am going to finish EVERY (actually good) FLASH PROJECT THAT I EVER STARTED, OR DIDN'T EVEN START. This includes things that I am currently working on as well, so yes, Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds is in this list.

Some of them:

Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds - Part 1 and 2
'You're The Voice' music video.
Environment Contest Entry
Progress Through The Years: Grade 10
Progress Through The Years: Grade 11
'The Beauty Of Life Collab' Parts
'The Dark Knight Collab' Parts
'The NGC Talent Collab 2' Parts
Remaking the Eve 6 Collab once my other collabs are finished
Dr. Phil Flash
AotMK (Assault on the Mushroom Kingdom) - Ergh, not spriiites.
The Mushroom Chase Contest Entry - Will probably miss the due date
The Ninja's Tale
Theatre Previews 3
An Emo's Schedule
Halloween Flash
Mario Shorts #3 - Ergh, not MOAR spriiites.
The Sacred Sword
Nine Months

First Ones I'll Be Working On:

Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds - Part 1 and 2
Environment Contest Entry
'The Beauty Of Life Collab' Parts
The Mushroom Chase Contest Entry

It's a lot. My goal is to have at least 50% of these done by one year from today.

Wish me luck. I'll definitely need it, lolol.

Posted by swiftstylerX - August 11th, 2008

Newgrounds Sketchbook Tour

I have 4 days to mail in my Newgrounds Sketchbook Tour page, and I still have yet to start on it. I totally forgot about it, and just realized today that I have barely any time left. What I need from you guys is some cool ideas of what I should do with it. Right now, I have nothing. I may not even use your ideas, but it'd be great to hear some of them.

The Dark Knight Collab

I have started up a new collab, based on the greatest superhero of all time, Batman. The collab does not have to revolve around The Dark Knight at all, but anything to do with Batman. Actually, I would PREFER if no one else would use the Joker or Two Face, because there's already a few members using them.

It's a serious collab, and comedy is not allowed, unless it's actually Batman humour. No parodies of Batman, and no making fun of any of it's characters. Something that would ACTUALLY occur in the movies or the shows is welcome.

I'm pretty sure there's over 20 members, and it's just starting to take off. I would really like it if more experienced people would join, however. So, if you love Batman, join the Dark Knight collab!

Link to the collab: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/94 0435

Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds

Sorry guys, but I haven't really worked on it very much, lately. All of my attention has been on the Dark Knight collab, so I haven't had much time to actually sit down and animate something for it.

However, I did send my script to JohnnyUtah so he can do the voices for the TANKMEN skit, which is going to be awesome. Since TANKMEN is a pretty simple style, I could animate that scene within just a few days, so I WILL have an update next time I makes a news post, if JohnnyUtah sends the voices by then.

So once again, I have no screenshots or short clips to give. But expect a lot to come in the next few months.

Posted by swiftstylerX - July 14th, 2008

Tomorrow, technically today but when I wake up in a few hours, I will be starting the animation process of Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds, part 1. Since this flash is going to be 15 minutes long, just for the first half, I will need to put in quite a few hours a day to actually finish on time. I plan on making it very high quality, and I also want the sound quality to be very high, so it MIGHT have to be released in two parts, just for the first half. Which would mean 4 parts in total for the entire 30 minute epic.

The script is not complete, and is nowhere even near finished, but since the intro alone is going to be about 3 minutes long, I'll still have time now and then to keep working at the script. I made sure I've perfected the intro's script, because this is going to be a very detailed flash, with lots of little things happening a lot of the time.

So hopefully I'll get a few minutes a day to work on the script a bit, just to make sure the script-to-animation ratio is well balanced. The script has to be extremely detailed though, just because so much stuff is going to be going on all the time. I plan to make this one more epic, and not as fast-ending as the first two have been. The first two never seemed to lay out the storyline until about halfway through the flashes, so I want to fix every problem I've had with them, for this.

So I just wanted everyone to know that this flash IS being made, and that I'll start posting screenies sometime in early August. And if any collab leaders from NGC see this, do not worry. I'm still finishing my parts for the collabs, and everything I have to do will be scheduled accordingly.

Talk to you guys again in another two weeks.

Posted by swiftstylerX - June 25th, 2008

Hey there fellow Newgrounders! I just thought I would make a quick front page news post to talk about the many projects I have been working on lately. And yes, "Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds" IS one of them.

The Beauty of Life Collab:

For the past hour or two, I have been working on my part for the collab, "The Beauty of Life" on Newgrounds Collabs. It's a very interesting collab, and with some more members, it could turn out to be extremely well done. I'm trying to make my part as top notch as I can, without making the file size too huge. Which is hard for me, because I tend to put in too much detail when I'm animating.

If you would like to join the collab, please follow this link: http://ngcollabs.joeynukes.com/viewtop ic.php?t=3465

NGC Talent Collab 2:

A few years ago, Bendo created a collab called "NGC Talent Collab" and it featured portfolio's of members from NGC's work. It won a small award, and has a pretty good score for how short the collab is. I'm completely redoing the idea, and it will no longer be a "portfolio" but more of a "show reel". If you participated in the last one, but are no longer of member of NGC, you are still allowed to join. Old members are always welcome.

If you would like to join my collab, follow this link(NGC members and old members only): http://ngcollabs.joeynukes.com/viewtop ic.php?t=3524

Time Tests:

These have already been completed, and were mentioned in my last two news posts. I had to make some pretty lengthy flashes in just a short amount of time for school. Altogether there is about 8 minutes of animation, which was completed in about 48 hours altogether. It was extremely difficult, and very tedious since most of it was just lip syncing, but it was pretty fun.

If I make any more throughout the year, I might compile it into one "super flash" and submit it here. But since they were made so quickly, they really aren't very high quality and could be sooo much better. Also, there's the fact that they were based on what we were learning in school, which means you would have had to learn about the same things to understand what's happening.

Finale - Pathway Through Newgrounds:

The conclusion to the Pathway Through Newgrounds series, which features Pico in the first episode, Pico Day: Pathway Through Newgrounds and Hank in the second episode, Madness: Pathway Through Newgrounds.

The first part will be submitted on Pico Day of next year, and it's second half will be submitted on Madness Day of next year, as well. I'm hoping to make it a 30 minute epic (split in two), and to include much greater animation and an insane plot. I've been writing some of the script lately, and it really looks like it's going to be awesome.

Tomorrows Nobodies have already said they are willing to do voices for the conclusion, which is great because I was worried I wouldn't be able to get them. They've also said I may be able to be their new "assistant animator" and will hopefully send me a test animation sometime, if I can get into contact with them. :P

Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds will hopefully be A LOT better than its predecessors. I'm aiming for first place in Pico Day, and maybe even Madness Day. It all depends if I can really make it as good as I have been promising everybody. All I have to do is get these colabs out of my way, and I'll be set to start animating it.

Well, I guess I'll stop here. I don't want to ramble for another 10 paragraphs. I'll give another update in two weeks. =D

Posted by swiftstylerX - June 2nd, 2008

As if my "33 Hour Flash Fiesta" wasn't enough. We just got a new project, which is to make 5 reviews on different movies/plays/stories we watched/read in class. We tried to film it, which was kind of working out pretty good, except for the fact that we couldn't get through 5 seconds without laughing.

My other friend in class mentioned I should try animating it. I declined at first, but then it started to eat away at me. So naturally, like any other animator, I accepted his challenge. Our video was going to be around 25 minutes, but obviously that would be pretty much impossible to animate in 14 hours, so we've cut it down to 5 minutes.

So between now and Wednesday, I have about 14 hours of free time. I have half the time I did to make that 2 minute flash from a few weeks ago, and twice the length of animation to do. If I can do this, it'd be pretty frickin' epic.

FINISHED. Took about 15 hours though, not 14. :( But the length was also increased to 6 and a half minutes, so that kind of affected it A LOT.

(This will not be submitted to Newgrounds)

Posted by swiftstylerX - May 18th, 2008

Okay, so as I've said before, I've been teaching my class how to animate with Flash, right? So thankfully, my teacher gave me 100% on a project, and I didn't even have to do it! But wait, I have to do the next, more difficult project.

Time - 10pm.

Time to be completed by - 7am, Tuesday morning.

That means I have approximately 33 hours to finish this project. What is the project? Well, it's supposed to be a 5-10 second flash based on a play we're reading, called "Arsenic and Old Lace". Naturally, I have to take everything to the next level, especially when it comes to Flash. So what am I doing? A 2 minute animation, complete with voices, and full character animation.

Why don't I just cut it down, and make it shorter, you ask? Because I recorded voices with kids in my class, and I don't want them to be disappointed, and find out I cut them because I was lazy. Yeah, I'm a nice guy, so what? PLUS, I taught these kids flash, and now I need to show them all up, because some of them are very cocky about their work.

Well, I'm officially going to cut off contact with anyone for the next 30 hours. Don't forget I also have two other projects to do for Math and English. When I check this tomorrow, I'm expecting tons of people encouraging me to finish.

Will I submit this to Newgrounds? Probably not. I can't imagine anyone would actually understand what's happening, especially since I wrote my own ending as well. Well, cya later guys, TIME TO ANIMATE.


-6am- was the last update -

Done. Probably the fastest I've ever animated.

Posted by swiftstylerX - May 4th, 2008

Hey there everyone! I can finally make another front page news post after 2 weeks, and I've got a bunch of information to spew at you.

First off, Pico Day. What an AWESOME day. Pico Day has got to be my most favourite day of the year, which is extremely nerdy, but I really don't care. I love it. I submitted my Apology video, which I had promised to a few people I knew. I know it's not a real flash, and basically just crappy drawings every few seconds, but it DOES list some cool things that will be featured in next years "Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds".

But anyways, here it is, don't expect anything great, or even good, really: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

So lately I've been teaching my computer class how to use flash. The first day was probably the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. None of them had even seen the program, other than my one friend who I taught a few things months beforehand. They were asking questions literally every 10 seconds.

I would have 3 people with their hands up, asking for help, shouting my name, and being possibly the most annoying thing I've ever seen, all while I was ALREADY helping someone else. I was nearly RUNNING to these kids to help them out, because it was the only way I wouldn't be backed up and have a huge line of people to help.

Things are going much better now though. They're beginning to be used to the program, and aren't asking questions as often as they used to. I still get questions every minute or so, but at least it's not every 10 seconds. My teacher can't thank me enough, haha, she doesn't really know much about the program. Luckily she had such an "expert" as myself to help out.

I didn't even have to do the last project they've been working on for the past week, because I've been helping everyone. So I still get full marks, which is awesome. My name was also put into a draw 4 times now to win a mini-fridge(which would go great with the new computer I'm getting), for helping out (you have to do something nice, and then get a slip signed by a teacher to be put into the draw).

But all of this teaching flash has really drawn a lot of inspiration for me to work on more flash outside of school. Right now, I have to make a short animation for school, and then afterwards I'll finally start making new flash for Newgrounds. I'm really excited about this. =D

I'll try and crank out one or two shorts before the summer starts, and then begin work on contest entries. And by contest entries, I mean next years Pico Day and next years Madness Day. Hopefully I'll have my new computer some time soon, so work will be faster (WAY better computer).

All of those promises in my Pico Day Apology video WILL come true, by the way. That wasn't just spit balling random stuff at you, it's all true.

Congrats to all of the winners of Pico Day! I haven't gotten to watch them ALL yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll talk to you guys again in two weeks, I guess.

Posted by swiftstylerX - April 20th, 2008

So I know I promised everyone a 15 minute epic Pico Day flash for Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds. But to be honest, I haven't even STARTED it. I'm still planning to finish by NEXT year, but there will be no submission from me this time. I am very sorry to anyone who was expecting it to be done. Then again, I doubt anyone even remembers me, lol.

I haven't made a news post in a LONG time. Very sorry about that. I also haven't really done anything in flash, either. My entire "animation life" has ceased to exist for the past few months now. But I promise, I WILL make something soon, and finish it soon.

I plan to crank out a few shorts within the oncoming months. I need some way of getting back into flash, and these shorts would be the perfect way to do so. Each one different than the last, and a completely new idea every time. I don't know how many I'll create, right now it only looks around 4 or 5, but still, that should be good enough to satisfy any of my fans.

I've been busy with so much stuff going on at school, it's not even funny. I just finished Driver's Ed and will be getting my Learners Liscence whenever I can go down to the place and get it (doesn't open till Monday).

I've also been involved in plays and musicals at my school. I didn't actually act in them though, I was just their sound technician. The most recent play was for the One-Acts Festival, and I won a medal of merit for sound (which isn't too bad, I guess). Our play didn't win, but it still got an awesome reaction from the crowd, which ended with a standing ovation.

Now, let's get back to those shorts I was talking about. Right now, I haven't exactly come up with any ideas for them, but I will be thinking about it during school and stuff. They're basically just ways to get back into animating and to practice new techniques and such.

I get to teach my class how to use Flash soon, so I'm trying to remember as much as I possibly can about the program, to impress them :P. I don't know, I guess it will be fun though. I can also brag to them about how I've made like $800 from Newgrounds because of my animations.

In other news, awhile ago I created a video called Francisco on Youtube. It is possibly the most retarded thing I've ever made, but it's GREAT to watch at around 4 in the morning. It's about a gay hairdresser who dies and comes back as a ghost. Followed by bloopers that are longer than the actual skit.

And yes, that is ME playing Francisco, the gay hairdresser.(TOTALLY not wearing my Newgrounds shirt, either)

Vids being gay, here's the link: http://youtube.com/watch?v=YLWni4JfuK0

Well, talk to you next week.